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  • Improves plant growth in sandy & copper deficient soils
  • Corrects copper deficiency symptomps:
    • Leaf chlorotic streaks on either side of the midrib
    • Dark brown necrotic lesions on leaf tips
      Bluish green and chlorotic near the leaf tip
    • Rolling of new leaves. New leaves do not unroll and the upper portion of leaves  have a needlelike appearance, while the lower portion of the leaf appears normal
  • Fully soluble: can be used in fertigation & hydroponics
  • Can be used as a fungicide and to control algae on paths and in ponds

Direction For Use:

Correcting Copper Defiency:
Fruit trees: Apply 100-400g per tree depending on age of tree and severity of symptoms.
Vegetables: Apply 100g or more per 100 m2
SOLUBLE APPLICATION: Dissolve 100g in 10L of water and apply to soil surrounding the root system.
In ponds: use 4g per 1000L of water.
Dissolve in a small amount of water first and then add the solution to the pond.
To control of algae and slime on paths :
dissolve 5g in a 9L non-metallic watering can and apply over affected area

Copper Sulphate Bluestone Purity 99.9% Fully Soluble Blue Vitriol Copper Sulfate

PriceFrom AU$25.90
  • organic

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