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  • Potassium Permanganate
  • Suitable for Eczematous reactions and wounds.
  • Acts as a Disinfectant.
  • Also acts as a Deodoriser.


Safety Directions

Corrosive. Avoid contact of the crystals or strong solutions with the eyes, mouth, nose and other mucous membranes.


Anti fungal:

Condy's crystal treats athlete's food and tinea, it also kills ringworm.
Mix up a dark pink solution, and soak the feet once a day for one week.
To prevent re-infection - Wash your soaks after use with boiling water to exterminate any spores.

Wound & antiseptic treatment:


General wounds - Mix up a light pink solution and wash or soak the wound.

For ulcers and canker sores - Mix up a light pink solution and use as a mouth wash.

For thrush, eczema & skin infections - Add diluted pink solution to your bath then soak.



Water treatment:


.Add a tiny amount (4-5 crystals) of condy's crystals to the water you want to treat, stir or shake.

the water should just have a slight light pink colour. allow to stand for 30 minutes before drinking.



Fire starter:


 Place a tea spoon of condy;s crystals under some wood kindling.

Add a couple of drops of glycerine to the crystals, mix slightly. in a few seconds it will catch on fire. 

Method two:

Mix equal parts sugar and condy's crystals together. place under wood kindling, then grind the mix hard with a stickto produce friction. the mix will catch on fire.  


Warning: Condy's crystals is a strong oxidiser, that how it works. this product will stain everything it touches including your skin.

Undiluted crystals will cause burns if left in contact with the skin.

To clean stains mix up a strong solution of sodium bisulfite, then add to the stain.

Potassium Permanganate ORGANIC Granular Condys Crystals

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  • organic

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