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White peppercorns are a spice derived from the same berries as black peppercorns, which come from the Piper nigrum plant. The main difference between the two lies in the processing method. White peppercorns are produced by removing the outer layer, or pericarp, of the ripe pepper berries after they have been soaked, fermented, or mechanically rubbed.

The removal of the outer layer gives white peppercorns a milder flavor compared to black peppercorns, with less aromatic complexity.


White pepper is often described as having a more subtle and earthy taste. It lacks the strong and pungent flavor associated with black pepper, making it suitable for dishes where a more delicate pepper flavor is desired.


White pepper is commonly used in light-colored dishes or recipes where the appearance of black specks from black pepper might be undesirable.


It is a staple in various cuisines around the world and is appreciated for its ability to add a gentle warmth and flavor without the visual impact of black pepper.

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