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Prague Pink curing salt #2, also known as Prague Powder #2 or Insta Cure #2, is a curing agent primarily used in dry-cured meats like salami and pepperoni. Unlike Prague Pink curing salt #1, which contains only sodium nitrite, Prague Pink curing salt #2 contains a combination of sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate. This combination provides an extended curing process, making it ideal for meats that require longer curing times, such as dry-cured sausages.

A Prague Pink curing salt #2 made with potassium chloride would follow a similar formulation, with the substitution of sodium chloride with potassium chloride. This variation would offer the same benefits as described earlier, providing the necessary curing properties while potentially reducing sodium intake. Additionally, it would still facilitate the extended curing process required for dry-cured meats, ensuring proper preservation and flavor development.

50% LESS SODIUM Reduced Salt Cure #2 ORGANIC Prague Pink Curing Salt Meat Beacon

PriceFrom AU$35.90
  • organic

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