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Curing salts, also known as Prague salt are essential in food preservation. We know that salt is a valuable preservative however it isn’t effective at killing all microorganisms that can spoil food.

Curing salt is usually a blend or salt as well as sodium nitrite or sodium nitrite that have special preservative qualities

Salt has been used for thousands of years to preserve food and being able to store food for longer periods meant humans could thrive during periods when food isn’t readily available or when traveling to new, unexplored lands. Civilization was built upon humans being able to preserve food and along with drying and smoking, salt was a key ingredient in early human success


Nitrites: 6.25%

Meat Curing Pink Salt #1 ORGANIC Pork Ham Beacon Prague Cure Salt 6.25% NITRITES

PriceFrom AU$22.90
  • organic

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